Pivot Reports Installation

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Like every other bundle, we have to install this before we can access its functionality. We’ll start by going to Customization, then SuiteBundler, and coming down to Search & Install Bundles. The ID is “17447”, so that’s what we’ll search for. We’ll click the name, to go to the Details Page. Like anything else we add to our NetSuite instance we should take a look through the summary information up here. Normally, you would want to read through this Admin Documentation. However for this bundle the link no longer works. Some of what was here can be found in SuiteAnswers. Some of the documentation however appears to have been removed. This is likely in preparation for Pivot Reports replacement in the next few years, by Suite Analytics. Suite Analytics should be generally available in 2019.1, however this software will still be around for a few years after that. The overview does not really have a lot of information, but there is a little. We can review this, then move to the Components subtab. Here we can see what is going into our account. There isn’t really a lot here. Just a few custom records and script files. We could also come over to our SuiteApp info subtab, but there isn’t anything here. Once we are done reviewing this, we can click Install. I’ll also say OK to this popup. We have one last chance to review the bundle. Since we don’t see any conflicts or problems here, we’ll go ahead and click to install it. And, we’ll say OK again. The install is now in progress. The setup for this is pretty quick. We can click Refresh a few times, and we see the progress and then the completion. That’s it, this bundle is installed. There usually isn’t any configuration for this, it just works right out of the box. And we’ll take a look at how to use it in the next couple of videos.
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