What is a Bundle

6 minutes Standard

In this video we answer the question “What is a Bundle”? We take a look at the components that go into a bundle such as Code, Records, Fields, Files, Scripts and Other Assets, and draw some useful analogies to help better understand how to think of a bundle. We take a look at where bundles come from and what makes them so useful. Lastly, we cover some words of caution when installing bundles.

Finding Bundles

5 minutes Standard

In this video we cover searching for and finding bundles that add useful or needed functionality to NetSuite. We cover the permissions that are needed to perform installs, and we cover viewing what bundles are currently installed. We cover basic searches, and advanced searches, and when to use each. Lastly we cover bundle licensing and the general bundle install license provided by NetSuite.

Reviewing Bundle Search Results

4 minutes Standard

In this video we cover the results that are returned from the Search and Install Bundles screen, and what the results mean. We go over each column of the results screen and explain what the they used for, and how you can use them.

Using the Advanced Bundle Search

3 minutes Standard

In this video we cover the advanced search for bundles, and how to use it to filter the results to more easily find what you are looking for. We specifically cover the Location, Availability, Product, Vertical and Language filters.

Installing Bundles

5 minutes Standard

In this lesson we cover the actual install of a bundle. We pickup after having found a bundle to install, and go through the entire installation process. For this example, we use the Last Sales Activity bundle for the install, and cover the header information section, and the Overview, Components and SuiteApp Info subtabs. We also cover accessing help documentation for the bundle.

Configuring Bundles After the Install

7 minutes Standard

In this lesson we cover steps that are often needed to configure a bundle after it has been installed. We use several bundles to do this including the File Drag and Drop bundle, the Sticky Notes bundle, and the Nolan Electronic Payments for NetSuite bundle. The steps required can include things such as reviewing internal or external help documentation, searching SuiteAnswers, looking in the File Cabinet and even exploring the components and scripts that make up a bundle.

Updating a Bundle Manually

6 minutes Standard

In this video we cover manually updating bundles when the time arises. We cover how to know when bundles need to be updated either through the reminders portlet, or by looking at the installed bundles screen. Then we cover reviewing what the update will do, and performing the actual update, using the Avalara AvaTax bundle as the example. We cover how to handle changes that come with updates such as preserving, merging or overwriting data in lists and whether to update users’ dashboards or not during the update. Lastly we cover a few words of caution and recommendations when updating a bundle, including testing functionality, update cadence, and contingency plans.

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