3 minutes Easy

In this lesson we cover installing the File Drag and Drop bundle, as well as making sure that the prerequisites for the install are met. We cover reviewing the bundle and making sure it will work in our environment.


9 minutes Easy

In this lesson we configure file drag and drop. We look at a few different configuration options, and show how to make sure that files are well organized. We talk about disabling file drag and drop either all together, or on individual records, in case you ever need to. Finally we test drag and drop to make sure it works how it should.


7 minutes Easy

In this lesson we go over using drag and drop to attach files to records. We cover the drag and drop tutorial, and uploading one or multiple files at a time. We look at the upload process, and what happens if we try to attach duplicate files. We cover changing the destination folder and other drop zone options, finding the files subtab, and line item uploads. Finally we look at the Drag and Drop File Cabinet, and how it differs from the standard file cabinet.

Advanced Topics

7 minutes Easy

In this lesson we will cover advanced topics that did not fit in with any of the other videos

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