Setup Manager

8 minutes Easy

In this video we go over the basics of using the Setup Manager to make NetSuite work the way you want it to work. We look at a basic overview of the Setup Manager and how to use it. We cover setting and editing company information, such as our address, logo, time zone, and fiscal periods. We go over classifications, units of measure, renaming records, and formatting general preferences. Finally we cover credit limit handling, location settings, and other features.

CSV Imports

10 minutes Easy

In this video we cover how to get data into NetSuite using CSV Imports. We go through the entire import process from start to finish, and look at a few common problems along the way. We start by taking a look at the file we will be using, then we start the import process. We talk about adding or updating data, and file field mapping. We cover the process of saving imports to use again. Finally, we view a problem with an import and how to resolve it, and talk about doing a full CSV export.

Customization Manager

8 minutes Easy

In this video we take a look at the customization manager which is one of the best places to start customizing NetSuite. We cover lists, records, and record types. We walk through adding custom fields to records., and how to set properties for those fields. We go over customizing forms and use the cash sale transaction form as an example. Finally we talk about scripting and workflow options, and customizing Centers and Tabs.

Employees and Users

15 minutes Easy

In this video we take a look at Employees, Users, Permissions and Roles. We cover how each of these components interact with the others. We go over creating new employees and users, and some best practices when creating them. We talk about expense and purchasing limits, enabling commissions on the employee record, and storing sensitive data in the employee record. We cover turning employees into users, and notifying those employees of the change in a way that will help them get started working immediately. We talk about customer and vendor login accounts. We talk about roles and billing, and how the two interact. Finally we talk about how roles and permissions work, and where to get some more help with them if you need it.

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