In this lesson we cover installing the File Drag and Drop bundle, as well as making sure that the prerequisites for the install are met. We cover reviewing the bundle and making sure it will work in our environment.

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So let’s get started installing the file drag-and-drop bundle. Before we do that though let’s take a look at a few prerequisites to make sure that it’s going to work correctly. We’ll go to Setup then Company and select Enable Features. At the Enable Features screen let’s click over to the Suite Cloud tab. The first thing we need to do is make sure this Custom Records checkbox is checked, and for us it is. We also need to make sure these Client SuiteScript and Server SuiteScript checkboxes are checked. In our case everything was set up how it needed to be, but if it wasn’t, we would make the changes here and then click Save. Now we can go ahead and start installing the bundle. We do that by going to Customization, then Suite Bundler, and then clicking on Search & Install. Since we know what we’re looking for let’s go ahead and type it in the keywords field. So I’ll type in File Drag and Drop. We actually have two results. The one we’re looking for is this first one with an ID of 41309. Clicking on the name brings us to the Bundle Details page, and from here we can take a look at what we will be installing. I would encourage you to review everything that’s going into your NetSuite instance, so we’ll do that now. First we’ll look at all the header information, then we’ll scroll down and take a look at everything that’s in the Overview. Let’s come over to the Components subtab, and scroll down to see everything that we’re going to be putting in our NetSuite instance. Next let’s click over to our SuiteApp Info tab. There isn’t a SuiteApp associated with this package, so there isn’t anything here. Once were satisfied that everything’s in order, we can click install. We’ll click okay to the confirmation dialog box, making sure that we do actually want to install this. As with every other bundle install, we’re dropped at the preview page. This gives us another chance to review the install, and when we’re satisfied we can click the Install Bundle button. We also need to click OK one last time to the pop-up dialog box. Now the bundle is being installed. This usually happens pretty quickly, and we can click the refresh button a few times, and we’ll start to see the progress. Once this is done we’re ready to move on to the next step where we configure drag and drop. And we’ll do that next.
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