Phone Calls

In this video we cover phone calls and the differences between them and events and tasks. We cover creating phone calls, printing a list of calls to make at a later date, adding details to the phone call record, and adding the phone call portlet to the home dashboard.

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The last main type of activity in NetSuite is the Phone Call. Most of what we covered in the last two videos is applicable here, so this one will be pretty short and we will only cover what’s new. From almost any screen in NetSuite, I can create a phone call by going to Activities, Scheduling, Phone Calls, and clicking New. I need to make a phone call to John this afternoon, so I’ll go ahead and enter that for my subject. The phone number field is new, and I’ll put his number in here. I’ll also put a note to myself so I remember what I needed to call him about. Something like “Call about running out of office snacks.” I can have a reminder, but need to select a time for this to work. Otherwise when would the reminder trigger? The rest of the tabs and options are the same as what they were for Tasks and Events. I’ll go ahead and click save to save the record. I have the option to get a list of Calls if I want. This is useful if I work in a busy office, and want to print these out, and maybe find a quiet time and place to make the calls on my list. Going back to the home dashboard, I can use the Personalize link again to add Phone Calls like so. Like I said at the start of this video, almost everything about phone calls is the same as that for Events and Tasks. The three of these types of activities work together to help you manage your day, and they all feed into the Calendar which we will look at next.
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