Navigating to NetSuite and Logging In

6 minutes Easy

In this lesson we talk about how to navigate to NetSuite and login, and how to create a browser and desktop shortcut to make getting back into the system a bit easier. We also cover setting your initial password within the given password criteria, and setting your security questions to assist with password recovery should the need arise. We briefly mention the use of two factor authentication, and cover securely signing out of the system. Finally we talk about common login problems that can occur and how to handle them.

Basic Navigation

7 minutes Easy

In this video we cover basic navigation and the sections of the standard NetSuite user interface. We cover accessing the help documentation and SuiteAnswers. We cover switching roles inside the system, and navigating using the dropdown menus, specifically covering the recent records menu, the favorites menu and the home menu; however, we do cover most of the other menus as well. We look at tips that can be used to make working inside the system more efficient. We also cover how to set your menus to use the standard or classic look and feel and how to navigate the menu system. Then we cover the differences between transactions and lists (or entity records). The last thing we cover is the basic home dashboard, and where system and version information can be found.

Recent Records, Shortcuts, and New Recorords

7 minutes Easy

In this lesson we look at the Recent Records, Shortcuts and New Records which should help you work more efficiently and effectively in NetSuite. We talk about when records show up in the recent records list, and how to view more than what appear on the dropdown menu. We talk about adding locations to your NetSuite shortcuts menu, including web locations outside of NetSuite. Then we cover how to use the shortcuts portlet and how to add it to your home screen if it isn’t already there. Lastly we cover why the New Records drop down can be helpful in speeding up your workflow, and how to customize the records listed underneath it.

Home Dashboard

13 minutes Easy

In this video we take a look at the home dashboard and how it can be customized to help you more quickly accomplish your goals. We cover adding, removing and organizing portlets, which are the framework the dashboard is built upon, and where the content displayed on the dashboard resides. Specifically, we cover the Reminders, Calendar, KPI Meter, Key Performance Indicator, Shortcuts and RSS Feed portlets. Finally, we cover changing the layout of the dashboard.

Setting Personal Preferences

11 minutes Easy

In this video we cover setting personal preferences in NetSuite to allow the system to function how you want it to. We cover basic settings shown in the Settings portlet, and the Set Preferences area of the system. We cover general settings such as your email signature, localization and time zone settings, date and data formatting options, addressing and map defaults, showing internal IDs, how parent and subaccounts are displayed, and how to control dropdowns, records per page and pagination. We cover some more advanced and edge settings such as changing the colors of NetSuite and why you may want to do that, making the system more accessible to those with visual impairments, using the classic interface, changing the landing page, credit limit handling, and how transactions are printed or emailed. We cover general analytics settings and how reports look, how searches work, calendar and calendar sharing settings, and how to have alerts and dashboards emailed automatically. Finally, we look at how to temporarily restrict your view to a specific subsidiary, department, class or location.

Global Search and Quick Search

6 minutes Easy

In this lesson we take a look at the Global Search and Quick Search capabilities in NetSuite, and how they can help you find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently. We take a look at using some advanced capabilities while searching such as record type prefixes and the percent and underscore wildcards. We cover some edge cases where using search can be used to find a customer by telephone number and how you can find pages and specific functionality within the system.

Centers, and the Employee Center

4 minutes Easy

In this video we cover what Work Centers are, and look at a few of them. Understanding centers and how they affect menu navigation is critical to understanding NetSuite, and this lesson explains what you need to know about them. We talk about the differences between several centers that are available out of the box, and we look at when you would want to use different centers for different employees.

Help, Support, and SuiteAnswers

5 minutes Easy

In this lesson we take a look at ways to get help in the system when you need it. We specifically look at how to use the structured and context sensitive help system, how to use the SuiteAnswers knowledgebase, and how to submit support tickets should the need arise.

Entering Data

6 minutes Easy

This lesson provides a general overview of entering data in NetSuite through onscreen data entry forms. We cover transaction and relationship or entity entry forms. We look at the header, tab and subtab sections in the forms and how they are used. We cover how viewing and entering data on forms is very similar where layout in concerned, and why that is. We talk about form actions and buttons. We cover the correct terminology for different parts of forms. Finally we briefly talk about the communication, system information and custom subtabs, and when they are used.

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