Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement

10 minutes Easy

In this video we cover what are usually considered the three most important financial statements or reports; the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. We cover the summary and detailed versions of the reports, cover how the reports roll up and allow you to see meaningful summaries yet still be able to drill down into the data when needed. We cover filtering reports at runtime to get a better view into the business, and, of course, we cover what each of these reports is used for, in case you’re not an accountant.

General Ledger, Trial Balance and Transaction Detail Reports

8 minutes Easy

In this video we cover the General Ledger, Trial Balance and Transaction Detail reports. We go over what each of these is, and when they are used. We cover how to customize the reports by changing the subsidiary, date range and other fields at runtime, and how to review each reports’ results. We cover how to make changes in the report builder as well, including adding extra fields, and adding additional filters that can be selected at runtime.

Bank Register and AP/AR Aging

5 minutes Easy

In this video we cover the Bank Register and the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Aging reports. These three reports give you a better view into how much cash you have, and when bills and invoices are due. You can use these reports to help run your business, and we cover how in this lesson. We also cover searching through reports using a browser search and the problems you might encounter

Sales Department Reports

11 minutes Easy

In this video we go over several reports that sales departments typically find useful. These include the Sales Order Register, the Open Sales Orders, and the Sales Orders Pending Fulfillment reports. Together these act as a sort of funnel and allow you to understand what’s going on inside your sales department. We take a look at the Customers by Sales Rep report, which breaks groups customers together based on what sales rep is assigned to them. We also look at the Customer Profitability report, which shows us what customers generate the most profit for our business, and we take a look at a few other reports. Inside the reports we review some graphing options to help you more visually interpret your data and look at the difference between the detail and summary versions.

Reports for Customer Service and Support

12 minutes Easy

In this video we take a look at reports that are most often used in a customer service organization. For Returns, these include the Sales Back Order, Return Authorizations Register, Open RMA, and Return Authorizations Pending Receipt reports. For Cases, these include the Closed Case Analysis, Closed Case Escalation, and Case Activity by Support Rep reports. Inside these reports, we look at drilldown and find functions, printing and exporting reports, report rollups, and summary/detail information.

Logistics and Warehousing Reports

11 minutes Easy

In this video we cover reports that are specific to Logistics and Warehousing Departments. We review the Current Inventory Status, Physical Inventory Worksheet, Inventory Back Orders, Transfer Orders Register, Inventory Turnover, Demand History, and Item Demand Plan reports. Inside of these we explore features such as searching and location filters, printing, drilling down, view restrictions, and exporting data to Excel. All of these work together to help manage effective and efficient logistics and warehousing departments.

Marketing and Web Reports

10 minutes Easy

In this lesson we go over reports that are important to marketing and web departments. We cover the Campaign ROI Analysis, Campaign Response and Sales by Lead Source reports which are mostly for marketing. We also cover Page Hits, Cart Abandonment, and Search Engine Keyword reports which are useful to web and ecommerce managers. In the reports we demonstrate using summary and detail versions of some reports, and using graphing options on others.

System Administration and HR Reports

4 minutes Easy

In this video we cover the Employee Change History and a couple of Integration and Automation reports, which are specific to human resources and systems administration. We cover what the reports are used for, and when you would likely use them.

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