6 minutes Easy

In this lesson we cover the NetSuite calendaring and event scheduling system, which works similarly to calendaring systems such as those offered in Outlook or Google Calendar. This specific video covers events which are typically meetings or appointments. We cover single (one-time) and recurring events, as well as event statuses, address and location details, access, reminders, and organizer and attendee details. Finally, we take a look at resources and resource availability, related records, time tracking and file attachments for events.


3 minutes Easy

In this video we take a look at tasks, which are similar to events, except that they generally don’t have a specific time set aside to work on. The do however have a due date, and we look at that and the other unique features of tasks here. We also cover task statuses, priorities, start dates, due dates, and assigning tasks to other employees. Finally we round out the lesson by looking at adding the tasks portlet to the home dashboard.

Phone Calls

2 minutes Easy

In this video we cover phone calls and the differences between them and events and tasks. We cover creating phone calls, printing a list of calls to make at a later date, adding details to the phone call record, and adding the phone call portlet to the home dashboard.


8 minutes Easy

In this video we look at the calendar which is made up of events, tasks and phone calls. We cover how to use toe calendar to get a better hold of your day and your time, and use it to work more efficiently. We review the calendar portlet, and the different views it provides. We cover viewing other employees calendars, and modifying activities that are already on the calendar or adding new ones. We look at customizing the calendar options and permission settings. Finally we cover how to publicly share a calendar if the need arises.

Activities Dashboard

6 minutes Easy

In this lesson we take a look at how you can use the activities dashboard to view calendar, activity and event details all in one place for yourself and for other employees. We cover customizing this dashboard, and using the scheduler portlet. We briefly look at managing your subscription to your company’s email list, which can be managed from the activates dashboard. We also cover using lists to display activates and phone calls.

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